Timur Salikhov

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My name is Timur Salikhov.
I am a 35-year old art director & graphic designer based
in Moscow, Russia.

I have been involved in design, advertising and branding
for the past 11 years and have wide and fruitful experience working and pitching on dozen of major international and russian clients, such as: Unicredit, BSGV, Burger King, Alfa Bank, Motorola, Gazprom, Bank Saint Petersburg, Russian Standard Bank, S7 airlines, Zurich Insurance, BCK insurance and many other companies.

Graphic design, brand identity, photography and advertising are major interests. I am confident in my abilities to deliver superior results in these fields. Also I have a notably high success rate at conceptualising and presenting for pitch.

Traveling is my main hobby. It provides me with new ideas
for my work.

Curently, I am working as a Creative Director for FIRMA AGENCY, Moscow, Russia.
If you wish to get in touch, don't hesitate to drop a line.

KMoscow International Advertising Festival
Kiev International Advertising Festival
Idea! International Advertising festival
GDR creative intelligence, UK
Choi's Gallery United States
Viction publishing, Hong Kong
Promogenda catalogue, China
Less is More Catalogue, China
Graphic-Exchange.com, France
www.adme.ru, Russia
Designcollector.net, Russia

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, photocamera, brains.

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